Hot Melt TPU Coated Yarn

TPU coated mesh, is used Polyester Yarn with TPU coating. TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) is a kind of environmental and harmless Thermoplastic Elastomers with many properties, including elasticity, rigidity, and wear resistance. Also, the polyester inside TPU is High Tenacity. So, the mesh made of TPU coated polyester is with good resilience, high abrasion resistance, and well shaping.



Lead Time:

Quantity(KG) 100 > 100
Est. Time (days) 15 To be negotiated

TPU coated mesh is good material that can be used to automatically produce an integral plastic vamp. It makes production automated for manufacturing the light, breathable, and fit vamp. It will also replace the mass of manpower with machine and change the footwear industry from labor intensive to technical intensive level. That will increase the production efficiency, reduce the loss, and enhance the competitiveness.

TPU coated mesh is material that is good for the environment, and its well shaping property can let the production be economical and competitive.



with no poly core yarn, it is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly

Bonding property

TPU has high bonding property by nature


with no dying process, it has no migration issues and is eco-friendly product

Water repellency

With its structure, it shows great water repellency.


Thermoplastic property of TPU allows the fabrics to be molded

Abrasion resistance

One of the great properties of TPU is high abrasion resistance, and Jelly Tex proves it.