About Us

Ningbo Novoltor New Material Technology Co.,  Ltd, develop & research, manufacture the TPU coated Yarn, TPU mesh Fabrics, TPE Fabrics, PTFE adhesive Tape, PTFE fabrics, PTFE mesh conveyor belt, Silicone Baking Mat, Silicone Dim Sum Mat for the usage in the wide range of the demanding applications.

At present, We have exported to many countries, such as USA, European countries, South east countries,& Middle east countries.

However,we pay more attention to New Material around the world. In order to serve new requirements, we adjusted our guideline. We setup full series of TPU and PTFE production lines, sourcing best quality raw materials, made into a aviary kinds of fabrics, and textiles, with advanced technology coating system


We develop whole series of products, including TPU Mesh Fabric, TPU coated Yarn, TPE Fabrics,  PTFE Adhesive Tapes, PTFE Fabrics, PTFE Film Sheet, Silicone Baking Mat, Silicone Dim Sum Mat, Aluminum Foil coated Glass Fiber fabrics and Silicone coated Glass Fiber Fabrics.